Smart ways to release stress - Shaking & Dancing

Mind Body Self Care Skills - Shaking & Dancing

Have you ever been so frustrated and just don’t want to yell, but yet you need to let it out somehow? Or maybe you did something big, set a boundary or were really vulnerable, and you are feeling that shaky, weird energy? This is where shaking with or without dancing is helpful. It sounds too woo-woo, and maybe a bit scary. Hang on, it is actually pretty simple, can be done anywhere, and can be quite effective in letting your body recover from life’s upsetting events. It is my most favorite self-care mind body skill - at the moment. :)

According to research you can find at The Center of Mind Body Medicine at this link These techniques done regularly really do work to heal many chronic illnesses, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. It works by helping your body deactivate the flight or fight center of your brain, so you can feel more peaceful, and think better.

So how and when do you do it? Preferably, frequently at least daily, or whenever you feel tense or frustrated, or even when you need to focus, like before a test. Shaking is best to be done somewhere you will not feel judged, or worry about what body part might jiggle. You can even do this in the bathroom stall. Typically takes 10 minutes yet if you do a shorter version, three minutes can make a positive difference. Be aware, that this can be a way to release powerful emotions, just keep going through the tears, or anger or joy if you do not block the feelings. It is OK. Let the emotions flow through. Trust the process.

Step 1: Turn on Shaking Music, it really helps to have strong rhythm, with drums for the shaking such as a cardio workout track, remix or meditation. The dance music can be light and airy, or fast and definite, or bouncy easy to dance to music. This choice will change with your needs. Plan on a few minutes at first and try to work up to about 6 minutes of both shaking and dancing music.

Step 2: Close your eyes, standing is best, though you can do this in bed or sitting too, if that works better for you. If your balance is poor with your eyes closed, use a fingertip to touch the wall, or the back of a chair.

Step 3: start jiggling your ankles in your shoes, see how loose you can make them, and work your way up through all your joints. Do not forget your jaw and head. Breath normally, though you might want to focus on letting your tummy jiggle too. Jiggle as hard as your body can without harming yourself. At first you may notice twinges as the vertebrae and other parts of the body release their tension. Keep going until the music stops.

Step 4: Then pause for about 30 seconds of silence, turn on dance music, and let your body move how it will, let it guide you.

Step 5: Continue for about 3-6 minutes depending on your level of fitness and endurance.

Step 6: Take a few full breaths, how do you feel now? You may want to note or journal your experiences.

Let me know what you think about this mind body skill.

New York City Sunset Cruise - Orange sky and black buildings

New York City Sunset Cruise - Orange sky and black buildings