Deb Marinos MS, Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor Intern - supervised by George Olson, LPC R4795

MS, CRC Instructor

Let me tell you a bit more about myself and how therapy works with me. Please check the FAQ page for things not found here.

My hope is that you can feel that I know what it is to have too much to do. To have to make choices and then wonder what else I could have done. That I know it not easy to reach out for help. I know how much it hurts to feel like you are unraveling at the seams, and especially if people start saying, just do this. It is easy. No it is not. Each of us have an unique journey and set of expectations. I have had the opportunity to become more adaptable through the many twists and turns in my life. I want to help by listening and then maybe share what has really worked for me with you. When you are ready. I have learned skills and insights that can help people just starting their journeys as young professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, parents and caregivers for aging parents.

My passion is helping people reach their goals through counseling/psychotherapy & teaching. I want you to have the tools and support/space to reach your goals. I want to support you as go through your own learning and discovery curve without judgement.

I have been counseling and teaching people for many years, enjoying the process of looking for solutions in partnership with my clients. From the young adult looking to determine their career path, career professionals in non traditional careers, to the mid-life adults who want to retire yet their lives is requiring new skills or tools. I honor each journey as individual and personally treasure being able to walk alongside those who are reaching out for understanding and support in making changes.

My clients find my compassionate, kind, and a good listener. They seem to enjoy my dry sense of humor. I hear that I don’t take over or judge their path. That I am supportive without being controlling.

My work as a counselor/psychotherapist: I volunteer for a non profit agency in Woodburn, OR providing crisis support for people in need for the past two years. I previously joyfully worked for a state agency as a vocational rehabilitation counselor helping people overcome significant barriers to employment for several years.

My career started early, as my dad was an electrician with his own shop and hardware store. All of us in the family were expected to work in the business. I went to college for three years to be an engineer, then changed directions when I married. I completed the state electrical apprenticeship program (after they finally let me in, a female in trades was not a popular option in the 70’s). I then worked in the field as an electrician, self employed business owner, doing a variety of work for 25 years, enjoying the troubleshooting and people. While raising a family and taking care of my aging parents. I was drawn to teaching, first apprenticeship classes at the college, then at the high school business department, finally as a Continuing Education trainer for many years. Eventually I wanted to have more options, and returned to college to finish degrees.

BA in Management & Organizational Leadership from George Fox Univ.

MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from San Diego State University

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor -Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification

Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor- intern R4795 supervised by George Olson, LPC, NCC