Electricians CE and Test Prep Training

Do you have CR, CC, or Rule/Law hours you need?

So little time to get it done? Save travel time by attending a practical, small, engaging live class in the evenings or weekends remotely online.

Bored with same old materials? Or determined to figure out why you are not passing the Oregon Electrician Test, in spite of studying ( perhaps taking other classes)

Spend your time in class working out calculations while asking and finding “the” answers. We all know that the real world is different than the scenarios on the exam. You can do this, you can learn what you need to know. Maybe in as little as two hours, or you could do a package that will give you a full overview of calculations & and hard to find code sections.

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“Oregon State BCD Approved”

Individual tutoring available, as well as group CE training at your work site. Call Deb @ 503-871-5299 or email deb@adaptabilityforlife.com

Do you need really interesting and useful CE for Heath Care Professionals?

Live Video Classes - Learn more at Cultural Competency CE for Psychologists & Therapists, and any Health Care or School Professional.

CE approved for:

2 HR ethics & 2 HR clinical by Oregon NASW

Or 4 Hrs Cultural Competency CE by Oregon Health Authority.

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