Each day is a struggle. Your anxiety about choices keeps you from enjoying the moment and you worry about how you will reach your goals, or even the next day. You have so many responsibilities on your plate. Whether at home or at work, you are the leader, the one who makes things happen, but your anxiety is what drives you. The fears and the worries keep you up at night. You don't want to make a mistake. But these fears keep you from being able to breathe, relax or even have a moment without thinking about all the things you need to do.  I help professionals reach their goals and desired competence.


CE Training - If you want to attend Oregon state approved continuing education training via live video platform where you get to ask your questions and learn what you need to know from an experienced and qualified instructor, click here to learn more, or to register for a webinar click here. I help people satisfy their state requirements with interesting Continuing Education Training.

Counseling & Psychotherapy - Are you wondering if help is available specifically for you?

I provide specialty counseling for:

Mind Body Self-Care Skills Groups - Is stress rampant in your life or work? Do you wish you could let release the stress, and let your body relax so you have more joy? This group format can really help you find new ways to do that. Schedule an experiential & science based educational small group at your workplace now!. Click Here for more information.