Learn Self Care With Mind-Body Skills

Are you a parent, caregiver, helper or professional who serves others that struggle with anxiety or self regulation? In this mind-body skills group you will learn valuable & effective techniques to help that only take a few minutes.

If you are finding yourself struggling to sleep & release tension in your body in spite of trying to meditate, be mindful, and other techniques, this group is for you. It will help you become aware of the connections between the stored up emotions and memories so you can learn to release them safely.

Call me for your 15 minute free consultation to see if this group is a good fit! 503-871-5299

This small group of 8-10 people offers:

  • Powerful and effective research-based mind-body skills

  • Supportive, educational atmosphere allows exploration

  • Integrating the mind-body skills to daily life

  • Gain a deeper level of self-awareness

  • Learn that you are not alone or helpless to face your life adversities

  • Better ability to cope with daily challenges

8 Week Session Starts in the Fall of 2019.

Held in Woodburn or surrounding areas - $10 per session - $75 per 8 weeks. (Scholarships available through LOVE INC)

To Register, call Deb Marinos at 503-871-5299 or email Deb@adaptabilityforlife.com  to complete your interview, or/and learn more. 

To Learn more about Deb or the self-care model that Deb is presenting, go to www.cmbm.org

Try out some sample exercises, or watch a video. Learn more about Dr. James S. Gordon, MD, Director at The Center for Mind Body Medicine, in Washington DC.

Examples of  Mind-Body Skills Include: 

•      Drawings & Writing 

•      Guided Imagery

•      Nutrition & Mindful Eating Meditation

•      Body Awareness Imagery

•      Biofeedback & Autogenics

•      Movement & Exercise, Active Meditations, & More

Are you curious about what you could learn that would help you be able to manage strong emotions in a healthy way, without stuffing them away or dumping them on others without any control? Learn more about this group model or call me at 1-503-871-5299 to learn more.

Find out what others are finding to be helpful and healing based on the research and experience of Dr. James S Gordon, MD at the Center of Mind Body Medicine

To Register and Pay via credit card, check for future groups or workshops HERE

Don’t wait, There are only 10 total spaces. Sign up now by calling Deb at 1-503-871-5299 to complete your short interview to determine if this group is a good fit for you.

If you are interested but this time slot doesn’t work, you can suggest what might be better for you, via email.