Learn Self Care With Mind-Body Skills to Beat Holiday Stress!

The holidays are coming again, does this bring up intense feelings for you that have you avoiding things or feeling down? Maybe the incredible crush to get it all done, or the memories of those who won't be at the family gathering this year?  What if by learning some mind body self care skills like drawings, guided imagery, movement, or biofeedback, you can to sleep better, stay focused and relieve that paralyzing stress. You can do this while taking your daily walk, or spending 20 minutes in the morning doing a few fun activities that you discover work for you right away. Or even washing your hands, waiting on hold, eating or many other strategies that work, so you can sleep better, stay focused and relieve that stress that creates overwhelming pressure and chronic illness.

Take a step to making your holidays and life better. Sign up to be part of group in Woodburn Oregon before the spaces are taken. Call me for your 15 minute free consultation to see if this group is a good fit! 503-871-5299

You will be with 6-10 others who share your need to learn creative & safe ways to relieve emotions. A safe, confidential place for you to figure out what is working for you. No one gets to judge or fix you. You decide how much or when to share. The first step is to call Deb Marinos @ 503-871-5299. This small group of 8-10 people offers:

  • Powerful and effective research-based mind-body skills

  • Supportive, educational atmosphere allows exploration

  • Integrating the mind-body skills to daily life

  • Gain a deeper level of self-awareness

  • Learn that you are not alone or helpless to face your life adversities

  • Better ability to cope with daily challenges

    Please note that this program can be customized for any limitations or disabilities, so all can be successful. The facility is wheelchair accessible.

8 Week Holiday Stress Buster Mind Body Skills Group Starts soon!

Saturday October 19th 3-5pm. (We will skip Thanksgiving Weekend.) $280

Mondays, October 28th 12-2pm (We will not have any planned skipped days)

Held in Woodburn Oregon (12 miles from Wilsonville, Molalla, Salem & Silverton)

If the fees are a barrier, Scholarships available through LOVE INC

To Register, call Deb Marinos at 503-871-5299 or email Deb@adaptabilityforlife.com  to complete your interview, or/and learn more. 

To Learn more about the self-care model that Deb is presenting, go to www.cmbm.org

Try out some sample exercises, or watch a video. Learn more about Dr. James S. Gordon, MD, Director at The Center for Mind Body Medicine, in Washington DC. Read his newest book, The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma.

Examples of  Mind-Body Skills Include: 

•      Drawings & Writing 

•      Guided Imagery

•      Nutrition & Mindful Eating Meditation

•      Body Awareness Imagery

•      Biofeedback & Autogenics

•      Movement & Exercise, Active Meditations, & More

Are you curious about what you could learn that would help you be able to manage strong emotions in a healthy way, without stuffing them away or dumping them on others without any control? Learn what others are finding to be helpful and healing based on the research and experience of Dr. James S Gordon, MD at the Center of Mind Body Medicine

To Register and Pay via credit card for groups HERE

Don’t wait, There are only 10 total spaces. Sign up now by calling Deb at 1-503-871-5299 to complete your short interview to determine if this group is a good fit for you.

If you are interested but this time slot doesn’t work, you can suggest what times/days might be better for you, via email. Free Introductory Workshops can be scheduled at your site.