Here is a new way to get your needed Oregon State BCE approved electrical training for CE or test prep in the evenings, or Saturdays 6-8pm. Live video class, with open mic, to talk to your classmates and the teacher. Practical code knowledge you can put to use now to reach your goals.

Live video based training lets you participate from a place of your choosing, with your smart phone, or laptop. Small classes with your questions answered and explained respectfully.

Oregon Rule and Law Class 4HR ORL  $50  8/31 4-8:30pm & 9/12-13 6-8pm both nights

Code Change Course for Limited Electricians 2 HR CC $25 9/2 & 9/7 6-8PM PST

 NEW! Calculations and Code Review 12 HR CR - Cost saving package for General and Plant Supervisors for CE $199 or $60 each. Choose any of the different type of calculation topics offered.

Oregon Supervisor or WA Admin Electricians Calculations Test Practice:

Each is 2 HR class with 2 HR CR per topic At 6-8PM PST on different dates (other times availaable)

Overcurrent & Conductor Selection 8/24 & 9/23                       Motors 8/29 & 9/11

Standard Restaurant & School     9/5                          Office/Bank & lighting demands 9/4 &

Industrial (multi-voltage)                9/16                        Part IV - Optional Multifamily & Restaurant 8/26

Test Prep for Code Portion or Journeyman/Limited Electrician difficult sections 

Do you know any electricians who need to pass the Oregon Supervisors Exam or other exam?

Package rate for individualized exam prep includes 9 classes -18 HR $375

 (includes above plus extra problems, repeat classes and ongoing email/phone support)

Learn from an Oregon Supervising Electrician, Deb Marinos with many years of effectively training electricians. Register now or look for other dates.

 Small, Practical, Interactive Classes

New!  Free Live 1 hour Oregon Electrician test Q&A starting in August 2019. Join the Monthly Video Chat  for any electrician with calculation or code questions. Check out dates and signup here:

Oregon Electrical Supervisor Exam Package 18 hrs (2 hr units 6-8pm) - $ 385 or individual classes $60 are available. You will get the PowerPoint slides, extra problem worksheets, and you will get the opportunity to repeat the same class once without charge. Follow up questions via email or phone.

Have you tried everything, to pass your test? Come learn the specifics that will let you pass the Oregon Electrical Supervisor Exam! Click the button on top of page or signup here: to see when classes are scheduled.

Have you already taken the Oregon Supervisors Exam, or any other Oregon Electrical Exam? Pick and choose how much or little time you need to untangle the keys to passing. Or maybe you are just starting to study, so save money with a package price. I can help you troubleshoot and pass.

I have years of guiding people to learn in a way that works for them. My classes are small, encourage your questions, and are specific to your needs. If you have further questions please call 503-871-5299 or email me to get on your way to your next step in your electrical career.

This Electrical Training is provided via live video format for 2 hours, on most Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays from 6-8pm. For special situations or groups, other times can be arranged. Each class is via live video platform. Any license holder can get the BCD approved CE credit, even if not taking an exam.

Click HERE to check the schedule & register and learn more about specific classes.

About the instructor: Deb Marinos, is an Oregon Supervisor Electrician since 1982 who has many years of field work including design and installation/repair work. I have helped many electricians pass their exams and trained electricians in the field and with CE training for over 15 years.

My class participants, often returned year after year to gain their continuing education credits. They stated that the classes were understandable and paced so they felt able to keep up.

I am a life long learner, have attended multiple professional electrical instructor trainings. I went through the Oregon apprenticeship program in the late 70’s. I have an Associate’s Degree in Professional Technical Teaching and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management & Organizational Leadership. I served on the local JATC committee and on the Electrical & Elevator Board Task Policy Committee for many years.

Questions? Call Deb 503-871-5299 to get answers.

Private tutoring is available at a negotiated fee.