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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

 Fees:When your register on my secure electronic client portal, they will ask you for your credit card number to secure your appointment time. This card will be automatically charged at the end of the session. I am out of network for all insurances. Therefore confidentiality can be maintained unless you file for reimbursement. It is your responsibility to determine what your insurance company will pay. You can use your HSA credit card, as this is a medical expense.

How does therapy work in my practice?

A link to my secure electronic health record platform, will be emailed to you after our consultation call, if we determine that we are a good fit. It is important to me that you feel that I am the right counselor for you.

You have a choice between face to face sessions in Woodburn, Oregon or confidential and secure video platform. Your first session will be longer, about 90 minutes. This will allow us to explore what is happening and build a plan to reach your goals.

I use a variety counseling kills and techniques to match your needs.

Advanced Training Practitioner in The Center of Mind Body Medicine, Self-Care Skills Group Model

Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling in 2010 with years of real life experience in successful assessment of workplaces, abilities and job market for people with significant barriers. This seeking of possibilities allows me to be a good collector of resources and tools.

My own personal background & work experience as an, entrepreneur, employer, state agency worker, and volunteer organization have given me compassion & understanding for those complex issues.

As a client of an Oregon registered intern, you have the following rights:

· To expect that a licensee has met the qualifications of training and experience required by state law;

· To examine public records maintained by the Board and to have the Board confirm credentials of a licensee;

· To obtain a copy of the Code of Ethics (Oregon Administrative Rules 833-100);

· To report complaints to the Board;

· To be informed of the cost of professional services before receiving the services;

· To be assured of privacy and confidentiality while receiving services as defined by rule or law, with the following exceptions: 1) Reporting suspected child abuse; 2) Reporting imminent danger to you or others; 3) Reporting information required in court proceedings or by your insurance company, or other relevant agencies; 4) Providing information concerning licensee case consultation or supervision; and 5) Defending claims brought by you against me;

· To be free from discrimination because of age, color culture, disability, ethnicity, national origin, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or socioeconomic status.

You may contact the Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists at

3218 Pringle Rd SE, #120, Salem, OR 97302-6312 Telephone: (503) 378-5499

Email: lpct.board@state.orus Website:

For additional information about this intern, consult the Board’s website.