Counseling & Psychotherapy Services By Deb Marinos, MS, CRC, LPC Intern R4795

Time saving, easily available, confidential & effective Counseling For Workers with Chronic Illness or/and Disability

Do you struggle to face another day of not feeling like anybody understands what you are going through? I know that working while managing chronic pain, fatigue, weakness, or less function in some part of your body takes a lot of extra work and dedication. It may be that changes come too fast and can wear down your ability to cope. There is help and peace in walking with someone who is nonjudgmental and willing to hear your story.  

Are you ready to have support and guidance in your journey? Going it alone is an option, though it can bring more suffering than necessary. Reach out now to have the support you deserve.

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I consider it a privilege to be able to share your journey. I help you feel better about the responsibilities you are carrying by listening, and may share practical and creative strategies that have worked for me in similar situations. We may explore ways to give you glimpses of peace and reduce your stress.

My clients find me willing to listen and make space for the feelings that come with such overwhelming tasks and responsibilities. I endeavor to support you to determine your path and barriers to your goals. Allowing you to process and change at the pace with the tools that makes sense for each client.

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Deb Marinos, a nationally certified rehabilitation counselor, and an Oregon License Professional Counselor is supervised by George Olson, LPC, NCC