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Are you a young professional with children? So many responsibilities that usually you can manage with grace and creativity. Do you face many pressures and sometime unfair judgments stemming from those who have no clue what you do in an average day?

I help young professionals find paths to ways to survive and thrive, solve their own challenges and make decisions that will serve them best in their ability to care for their families.

I get it, because I too, took care of my family of three kids while running my own electrical contracting business for 19 years, while caring for my aging parents. In the 1970’s being a female electrician was novel and at times - trail blazing in a very unfriendly environment. Balancing my responsibilities kept me hopping and reordering my priorities. I found that it was necessary to have time to restore. Activities that I could be passionate about in addition to my employment and home activities seem impossible yet so necessary for my well being.  When my kids were bigger, I went back to school to gain degrees in teaching and counseling. I have enjoyed helping people achieve their goals, and feel that they - however unique or difficult their circumstances are - can benefit by gaining support and understanding. I find that this safe space with kind support, allows a person to flourish and make the choices that let them thrive. I help by listening carefully, often providing tools and skills that have served others well.

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I consider it a privilege to be able to share your journey. I help you feel better about the responsibilities you are carrying by listening, and may share practical and creative strategies that have worked for me in similiar situations. We may explore ways to give you glimpses of peace and reduce your sense of overwhelm.

My clients find me willing to listen and make space for the feelings that come with such overwhelming tasks and responsibilities. I endeavor to support you to determine your path and barriers to your goals. Allowing you to process and change at the pace with the tools that makes sense for each client.

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