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It’s tough to being in charge, yet it has its perks and can be stressful. Are you struggling with your overwhelming work - family responsibilities? You are finding it hard to manage your feelings while taking care of all your health,  work and personal responsibilities. You need to keep a calm exterior, while inside you struggle with worry, sleep issues, and mood swings. It can feel like things are on the edge of crumbling around you. Yet if you try to tell someone they either tell you it is no big deal or they freak out and try to take over. You feel alone, frustrated and at times overwhelmed with all that life is throwing your way. This makes it hard to connect with others to maintain relationships and zaps your focus - energy. Especially so if you are in a leadership or nontraditional role that  makes you even more unique. Planning and waiting for the next vacation is a good strategy, yet can you wait? There is support now that can help regain your balance.

I help young professionals, leaders & entrepreneurs, and capable workers with chronic illness or disabilities find ways to cope - feel better. We all have times when we experience life’s unpleasant surprises which can become overwhelming and drain your energy - joy.

You don’t need to be fixed, just need a place where it is safe to share and be heard, so you can have compassionate, non judgmental support to figure out your next steps. I believe that each of us has our own inner strengths and values, and any solutions need to match. Reach out now to have support for your journey.

To learn more about what working with me would look like -  click here or call (503) 871-5299 for your free 15 minute consultation or email

I provide specialty psychotherapy/counseling for:

  • Young professionals who have too much to do and feeling pressured about getting it all done. Click here if you are a Young Professional to learn more and start on the path to feeling better.

  • Leaders - Entrepreneurs and those on the top who have many responsibilities and need some support, too! Click here if you are a leader or manager/owner to have support for the complex issues you face, from somebody who has been there.

  • Workers with Chronic Illness/Disabilities. I get it, some days it is a chore to adapt and push through, while wondering if anyone really gets how hard you have to work to manage. Though tired, you want to keep on going. If this is you, wait no more — get support & tools for the journey. Click here for more information.

To learn more about what working with me would look like -  click here or call (503) 871-5299 for your free 15 minute consultation or email

I consider it a privilege to be able to share your journey. I help you feel better about the responsibilities you are carrying by listening, and may share practical and creative strategies as you want. We explore ways to give you glimpses of peace and reduce your stress through mind body self care skills.

My clients have a kind, respectful and nonjudgmental space, allowing for the feelings that come with responsibilities and life’s unique happenings. I endeavor to support you to determine your path and barriers to your goals. Allowing you to process and change at the pace with the tools that makes sense for each client. I have a dry sense of humor that may help you see your situation in a new light.

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Meet face to face in Woodburn, Oregon or via secure video call.

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